Solving Emotional Eating

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We are all guilty of ‘pigging out’ now and again. It can be difficult to resist all those goodies we surround ourselves with at Christmas. Why not enjoy that lovely birthday treat? Not to mention Easter eggs! We seem to be surrounded by temptation to the detriment of our waistline.

But as long as it is only an occasional stray off the path we shouldn’t worry too much.

This is not always the case however. There is a form of eating known as ‘Emotional eating’ when we eat because of how we are feeling emotionally. This is not a natural response as we should eat when our body tells us we are hungry.

So why do some people eat in response to how they are feeling?

There can be several different reasons for Emotional Eating

These are the main types

  • When we are bored we may get ourselves something to eat just to pass the time. If we are still bored we go and get another piece of food and then another until it becomes a habit.
  • A very common form of Emotional Eating is Comfort eating. Lots of people eat sweet things like chocolate when they are upset to ‘cheer’ themselves up. We probably all have something we like to eat when we chill out and relax.
  • Another form of Emotional Eating is Binge eating when we eat far too much food in one go that we are sometimes at the point of making ourselves sick. Sometimes if we are on a strict diet we get an overwhelming urge to eat certain foods. Binge eating is often the result of low self-esteem.

If these forms of eating happen occasionally we can usually cope with them and just be a little stricter with ourselves in the future.


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For some people this is not so easy and their responses to food start to form a pattern.  They start to associate feeling a certain way with the thought of food. Then all they can think about is eating. They don’t worry about what they are eating. They just want to experience the act of eating. This can be a huge problem as our body naturally informs us when we are hungry and when we have had enough food and so maintains a healthy balance.

Over time unless controlled, Emotional Eating can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

If you are suffering from an Emotional Eating disorder it maybe that you can benefit from treatment with my unique, integrated approach combining dietary therapy and hypnotherapy with a programme that is realistic, and fits into your lifestyle.


I can help you identify the thought processes and behaviours that are causing your eating problems and change your eating habits so that you can lose weight and get back in control.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to pursue please feel free to contact me for more information and help.

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